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Remedy for Alcohol or Liquor Consumption

Cure for the Liquor Habit.

"Liquor-drinking men may be seen everywhere. Their intellect is enfeebled, their moral powers are weakened, their sensibilities are benumbed, and the claims of God and heaven are not realized, eternal things are not appreciated. The Bible declares that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of God. . . . Intemperance of any kind is the worst kind of selfishness." {HL 114.4}

"What cure would you advise for a person who thus indulges a habit that is rebuked even by the beasts of the field? The word of God has denounced it: no drunkard shall enter the kingdom of God. What would you recommend to cure such an appetite? You would not say, "You may use strong drink moderately. Continue within bounds, but never indulge to excess." You would rather say, "There is no such thing as helping you unless you co-operate fully with my efforts, and sign the pledge of total abstinence. You have by indulgence made your habit second nature, and it cannot be controlled unless the moral power shall be aroused, and you look unto Jesus, trusting in the grace he shall give to overcome this unnatural craving." You would say, "You have lost your self-control. Your self-indulgence is not only a moral sin, but it has become a physical disease. You are not your own; you are God's property. He has purchased you with an infinite price, and every faculty is to be employed in his service. Keep your body in a healthy condition to do his will; keep your intellect clear and active to think candidly and critically, and to control all your powers." {HL 114.5}

Disease in Alcohol.

"The taste created for the disgusting, filthy poison, tobacco, leads to the desire for stronger stimulants, as liquor, which is taken on one plea or another, for some imaginary infirmity, or to prevent some possible disease." {HL 115.1}

"By advising friends and neighbors to take brandy for the sake of their health, they are in danger of becoming agents for the destruction of their friends. . . . Physicians are responsible for making many drunkards. Knowing what drink will do for its lovers, they have taken upon themselves the responsibility of prescribing it for their patients. Did they reason from cause to effect, they would know that stimulants would have the same effect on each individual organ of the body that they have on the whole man. What excuse can doctors render for the influence they have exerted in making fathers and mothers drunkards?" {HL 115.2}

"Go with me to yonder sick-room. There lies a husband and father, a man who is a blessing to society and to the cause of God. He has been suddenly stricken down by disease. The fire of fever seems consuming him. He longs for pure water to moisten the parched lips, to quench the raging thirst, and cool the fevered brow. But no; the doctor has forbidden water. The stimulus of strong drink is given, which adds fuel to the fire. . . . For a time nature wrestles for her rights, but at last, overcome, she gives up the contest, and death sets the sufferer free." {HL 116.1}

"Those who do not control their appetites in eating are guilty of intemperance. . . . With many, their first error is in making a god of their appetite, subsisting mostly on highly seasoned animal food, which produces a feverish state of the system, especially if pork is used freely. The blood becomes impure. The circulation is not equalized. Chills and fever follow. The appetite fails. They think something must be done, and perhaps send for ale, which stimulates for the time, but as soon as the influence of the ale is gone, they sink as much lower, and a continual use of the ale keeps them stimulated and overexcited. They think that the ale was of so much benefit to them that they must continue its use. After a while it loses its influence; then they use a stronger beverage, until they give themselves up to every excess, and man formed in the image of his Maker degrades himself lower than the beasts. It required time to benumb the sensibilities of the mind. It was done gradually, but surely." {HL 116.2}

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