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The Effect of Vitamin B on Nerves

Even though only minute quantities of B-vitamins are needed by the body, they form an essential part of the enzyme economy of the tissue cells.  Their absence or scarcity causes all cells of the body to suffer.  Effects can be seen in skin, digestive system, heart and blood systems, etc.  Perhaps in the nervous system the most troublesome and early signs are noted.  The following items point out the importance of abundance B-vitamins in storage in the body.

Three groups of chickens were fed diets as follows:  1) 100% whole wheat flour,  2) enriched white flour, and 3) un-enriched white flour.  The effect of the reduction in B-vitamins caused the third group of chicks to die in five days.  Those fed brown flour and enriched flour, both feathered out and gained weight in a normal fashion, the first group having only the barest. detectable difference in five days, the advantage being in favour of the brown flour group. Although the chicks in both groups were about the same weight and feathered about the same, the chicks fed the enriched white flour had a high-pitched, rapid chirp. They were untidy in their cage, stepping in the water, then in the flour, making “boots” for their feet.  The chicks were high-strung and nervous, often pecking each other, or jittering together in one corner of the cage if a slight noise frightened them.

We can conclude that plumpness and condition of skin, hair or a diet.  Cheerfulness, self-control, order, mental efficiency and productivity all count in this determination. Certain hyperactive children have become more calm and easier to control when foods poor in B-vitamins, food additives, and rich or irritating food have been removed from their diets.  Many adults report a similar calming effect of a simple diet.

It has been observed for years that individuals with blood sugar problems, either too high or too low were often difficult to work with and had wide mood swings.  In the metabolism of sugar in the body, B-vitamins are used up.  The periodic irritability and emotional instability seen in these persons are typical of B-vitamin deficiency.  As the blood sugar rises, whether from reactive hypoglycemia, diabetes or from eating largely of refined carbohydrates, B-vitamins are removed from body stores to care for the elevated blood sugar.  A B-vitamin deficiency results.

Pellagra, pernicious anemia, beri-beri, and all other diseases caused by a B-vitamin deficiency, have nervous or mental symptoms as a part of the disease complex.  Long before the full-blown disease there are neurological deficiencies that may be barely noticed, but cause more or less discomfort to the person and his associates. 

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