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Body Mass Index Calculator for Kids and Adults

To calculate BMI or Body Mass Index, find out how many pounds the individual weight and how many
inches tall is the individual, then square the height in inches.

Now you need to multiple the amount of pound the individual weight by 703 then divide it by the individual height square in inches. You are finished.

Here is an example. Say you weigh 200 pounds and you are 7 feet tall and you wanted to your BMI;

Step 1: You would need to multiply 200 by 703 which= 140600.

Step 2: You will then find out how many inches make 7 feet which would be 84 inches.

Step 3: Now you would multiple 84 by 84 which would= 7056.

Step 4: You would then divide 140600 by 7056 which = 19.9 and you are finished!

BMI formula:
• [Weight (in pounds) x 703] / (height in inches)2

BMI Scale:
• Ideal:  less than 25
• Overweight:  greater than 25
• Obese:  greater than 30

Basically, we are dividing weight by body surface area which determines a person’s BMI.

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