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Herbs vs. Drugs (12 Reasons why Herbs is better)

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 1) - All drugs have side effects: some commonly considered “Harmless” list 30-40 possible different side effects, some very serious.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 2) - Our body is a living organism, not a machine, plants have complementary actions on the body while drugs have only chemical action, they have no life force and therefore cannot impart life force.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 3) - Herbs have virtually no side effects because their actions are in harmony with our body.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 4) - With few exceptions, Herbs are non-poisonous. Huge amounts of most herbs could be eaten with no adverse effects, while everyone knows of the terrible effects of overdose on even common drugs.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 5) - Herbs “Normalize” the body. A herb for high blood pressure will not cause low blood pressure if you take more of it, but a drug for high B/P can be fatal if too much is taken. Herbs can usually be used along with drugs and can help counteract the side effects of drugs; there are of course some exceptions.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 6) - Drugs cause re-bound reactions. One of the common ones is seen with decongestant nose sprays; when they wear off the nose is more congested than ever. Herbs never do this because their action is in harmony with the body not in opposition to it.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 7) - One fact that is not commonly thought of is the complexity of herbs. We think that the drugs created in the laboratory are complex, but no laboratory could begin to produce the complexity of a simple herb! The smell of a rose, for example is made up of over 200 chemical compounds and the smell of a banana, over 350! Dandelion root contains practically every known vitamin and nutrient and a lot of other things as well.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 8) - You have heard lately that some herbs are being declared toxic. It pays to look at the real facts in these cases. Toxicity in medicines and herbs is measured by “Therapeutic Index” with the lower the number meaning the more poisonous the substance.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 9) - Digitoxin, a poisonous drug extracted from herbs rates 0.4. Comfrey rates 150 while common coffee rates 15-33! 5-10 times more toxic than comfrey, yet no one snatches coffee off the shelves.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 10) - Wormwood is so harmless that one would have to consume 3,000 cups of tea to be harmed, a total impossibility! (Especially if you have ever tasted wormwood) Yet the powers that be seek to stop its sale.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 11) - Methods used to test a substance must be considered in understanding the claims. They use concentrated extracts and feed them to animals at levels no sane person would ever employ. (I sometimes think that if they fail at this, they take a crate of the herb and drop it on a mouse and then say- “Oh yes! We have proved this herb is fatal to animals!”)

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 12) - So when you hear the outcry raised that such and such a herb is ‘dangerous’, don’t take it too seriously. Remember: all drugs are potentially dangerous! Very few herbs are in the least dangerous.

Herbs vs. Drugs (reason 12) - Get more health tips by going to the health section.

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