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Wheat Grass Juice Benefits

Bodily Influence: Blood Cleanser, Blood Builder, Blood Purifier.

The Wheat grass chlorophyll, when taken in conjunction with a cleansing program will do much as a tonic aid toward relieving pain and suffering of all so-called "incurable" diseases and will promote general healing to the body.

Wheat Grass juice is considered to be one of the "Chlorophyll super foods" used for treating cancerous growths and other degenerative diseases. Research has shown that about one hundred pounds of fresh Wheat Grass has the nutritional value of about one and a half tons of vegetables.

Dr. Chiu-Na Lai, a biologist has discovered that eating green VEGETABLES will stop the progress of cancer in the colon. There have been reported success with Wheat Grass juice inserted into the colon for cancer cases.

In addition, Dr. Lai found that extracts of sprouts, particularly from wheat, counteract carcinogens. It was further demonstrated that chlorophyll accounted for most of the extract's anti-cancer effect.

Wheat Grass juice, due to its high Chlorophyll content will stop the development of unfriendly bacteria.

Red blood cell counts are known to return to normal after using Wheat Grass juice because of its high Chlorophyll content.

Wheat Grass juice is good for body building and for increasing energy.

Wheat Grass juice is best for expelling metals in the body.

Wheat Grass juice is good for the colon when taken orally or taken directly into the colon as a cleaning agent. It may be used for high enemas or colonics, and it is beneficial for the lungs.

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