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What to do Naturally for Pink Eye Inflammation

USE A POTATO POULTICE: Raw potato has drying and disinfectant properties. It was used traditionally to soothe cracked, burnt or inflamed skin, and may also be applied to the eyes as a remedy for conjunctivitis symptoms, like redness and tearing, watery or thick discharge, a "night crust" or swollen eyelids.

A poultice is simply - A soft moist mass of herbs, or other adhesive substance, usually heated, spread on cloth, and applied to warm, moisten, or stimulate an aching or inflamed part of the body.

Here is what you do: Peel a potato, then finely grate enough of the raw, peeled potato to cover the affected area of the eye. Then, lay out a piece of clean cheesecloth or use a old piece of sheet, and spread the grated potato on it in a layer between 1/2- and 1-inch thick. Next, Fold both sides of the cloth over itself to secure the grated potato inside. Secure with bandage clips. Trim away any excess cloth that gets in your way.

Lay down on your bed or couch etc, and apply the cloth to the infected eye. Tie a bandanna, extra piece of cloth or a bandage loosely around your head, if necessary, to help hold the poultice in place. It should rest gently on the affected eye; no need to apply pressure. Remain at rest with the poultice applied for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Repeat this treatment three or four times a day until symptoms subside.

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