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High Blood Pressure. Learn how to lower it.

Here are some Primary Herbs that may Lower your Blood Pressure.

When using herbs that lower blood pressure, it is crucial to include one or several of these foundational blood pressure herbs. They work to normalize and strengthen heart function, each with a slightly different effect. Over time, using these plants for healing hypertension will create a normal blood pressure, and their use can be discontinued.

Hawthorne berries are one of the most effective heart tonics. This herb balances the circulatory system, either stimulating or relaxing blood flow, depending on which effect is necessary. Lime blossom has a calming effect on both the nervous system and the circulatory system, thereby managing stress and tension, while at the same time calming the heart rate. Mistletoe is a blood pressure herb with similar properties to lime blossom. This herb also relaxes the nerves, specifically the vagus nerve, which then lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. At the same time, mistletoe improves the strength of peripheral capillary walls. Yarrow is another foundational blood pressure herb, which causes a dilation of the peripheral vessels, allowing a greater ease in blood flow.

All of these herbs blend well together. Drink one to three cups of tea, with a single blood pressure herb, or with equal parts of any combination. Infuse two teaspoons of dried herbs in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes.

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