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Charcoal, the Incredible Healer

Using an activated' form of this natural product, doctors are treating everything from gas and intestinal ailments to serious infections.

The year is 1813, and the French chemist Claude Bertrand is in his laboratory, a vial in his hand. It contains a teaspoonful of arsenic, enough to kill 150 men. He lifts it to his lips, swallows it-and goes about his business as if nothing had happened. And nothing had.

Bertrand wasn't committing suicide, he was conducting an experiment. One he lived to tell about. He survived because the arsenic was mixed with charcoal, a substance that acted like a sponge in his stomach and sucked up the arsenic before it reached his blood. A century later, charcoal filters in gas masks protected World War I soldiers from poison gas. And today, charcoal-made more effective by a process called "activation"-is used in submarines and space capsules to purify the air. It's also used in emergency rooms to treat victims of poisoning or drug overdose.

But activated charcoal is more than a lifesaving hero. It also puts in time on humbler jobs. Like relieving hiccups. Soothing a hangover. And solving a problem that can turn your face red and your friends against you—gas.

A study conducted at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California shows that activated charcoal cuts down the amount of gas formed after eating beans and other "gas-producing" foods.

For the study, Raymond Hall, Ph.D., associate professor of physiology at Loma Linda, selected 30 men and women, ages 18 to 40, who were in good health and had never had digestive problems.

"We fed them a bland, non-gas-producing meal and measured intestinal gas generated over an eight-hour period," Dr. Hall told us. "The next day we fed them a meal high in gas-producing foods; beans, whole wheat toast, peaches and fruit juice. For this meal, however, we divided them into two groups and gave one group activated charcoal capsules and the other placebos (identical looking pills with nothing of value)."

The group receiving placebos, says Dr. Hall, produced large amounts of gas. But the group receiving activated charcoal produced much less-no more, in fact, than after the bland meal. And when the two groups ate another gassy meal, this time with the placebo group receiving the activated charcoal and vice versa, the results repeated themselves: placebo group, lots of gas; activated charcoal group, gas levels same as the bland meal.

"Activated charcoal reduced the amount of gas either by absorbing the gas itself or absorbing the intestinal bacteria that produce the gas," explains Dr. Hall.

But no matter how it works, Dr. Hall believes activated charcoal is "a good cure for gas. If a person has a gas problem, it's well worth trying."

For best results, Dr. Hall suggests taking activated charcoal shortly after a meal. But, he emphasizes, activated charcoal won't quickly clear up a case of gas that's already developed."

It takes several hours for activated charcoal to reach the lower intestinal tract where the gas is being produced," he says.

GOOD FOR ‘TURISTA' (Or Stomach Flu)
Since activated charcoal stifles bacteria in the intestines, and absorbs irritating toxins, Dr. Hall believes it may also cure mild dysentery; better known as "turista."
Sharing that opinion is Marjorie Baldwin, M.D., a doctor at the Wildwood Sanitarium and Hospital in Wildwood, Georgia. "Charcoal is an excellent remedy for traveler's diarrhea," she told us.

But Dr. Baldwin uses activated charcoal for more than just gas and diarrhea. "Any inflammation; an area that is red, painful, swollen and hot-responds to charcoal. We apply charcoal as a poultice if the inflammation is on the outside of the body or give it by mouth if the inflammation is in the digestive tract."

Dr. Baldwin describes the case of a juvenile diabetic whose foot was saved from amputation by charcoal.

"This young lady had caught pneumonia and her feet were soaked in hot water. Because she was diabetic, her feet were damaged and she developed severe infections. Antibiotics didn't clear them up. The doctors suggested one foot be amputated, but she refused and came to us for treatment. We put that foot in a plastic bag filled with a mixture of charcoal and water that was about the consistency of cream. The foot was kept in the bag round the clock, and the mixture was changed four times a day. She walked out of our clinic—on both feet."

Doctors in England have also used charcoal to treat infections. A letter to Lancet (September 13, 1980), one of the world's most prestigious medical journals, describes the use of charcoal-saturated cloth for wounds that were infected, discharging and had a bad odor.

The doctors applied a single layer of the charcoal cloth to the wounds of 26 patients with chronic leg ulcers and 13 patients with unhealed surgical incisions. "A noticeable reduction in wound odor occurred in 24 ulcer patients and 13 surgical wound patients," the doctors write. And they found the charcoal cloth reduced odor longer than "standard dressing materials."

The doctors note that charcoal may have reduced the odor by absorbing bacteria. It's a possible explanation since, says Dr. Baldwin, "charcoal is the most powerful absorbent known to man.

"Charcoal absorbs up to thousands of times its own weight," she explains. "It has enormous surface area—like a football field-sized piece of tissue paper rolled up into a tiny ball—and the more surface area charcoal has, the more absorbent it is." (One pound of activated charcoal has a surface area equal to 125 acres!)

And charcoal absorbs poisons. So effectively, that it's an ingredient in the "universal antidote," a concoction designed to take on almost any poison known to man. But even by itself, charcoal tackles a wide array or poisons-from hemlock to DDT. That versatility prompted a pair of Army doctors, writing in the medical journal Pediatrics (September, 1974), to recommend that every family keep activated charcoal on hand to deal with poisoning emergencies.

"It is immediately effective upon ingestion and can be given safely by nonprofessionals," they write. "Hence, its inclusion in household first aid supplies is warranted." (To neutralize poison, mix about one-quarter to one-half cup powdered charcoal with a cup of water, stir or shake the mixture, and have the victim drink it within the first 30 minutes after the poisoning. And, of course, go to a doctor, poison center or emergency room.) And if you pick your "poison" one too many times, charcoal may be the best antidote for a hangover.

Hangovers are caused by substances called congeners and activated charcoal absorbs them. In an experiment conducted at Columbia University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in New York City, researchers found that in test-tube conditions similar to a person's stomach, activated charcoal absorbed 93 percent of one congener and 82 percent of another.

Charcoal may also solve another problem-hiccups.
"I have treated my cases of hiccups with charcoal tablets," wrote a doctor to the British Medical Journal (September 10, 1977), "and have instructed patients to continue chewing them at least once an hour and in extreme cases continuously. In most cases I have met with success on this simple regimen."

On a more sober note, doctors use activated charcoal to treat patients with kidney failure. Those patients often have high levels of blood fats (arteriosclerosis is the leading cause of death in patients on long-term hemodialysis, the treatment for kidney patients that mechanically cleans their blood).
And they often suffer from severe itching.
If you have high cholesterol, or an itch that doesn't quit, should you take activated charcoal regularly?


"I wouldn't recommend activated charcoal as a daily supplement," says Dr. Baldwin.

Charcoal, she explains, "doesn't know what's naughty and what's not," and absorbs vitamins along with any bad substances. And although no one who has taken activated charcoal has been known to develop a vitamin deficiency -or any other health problem from the charcoal - Dr. Baldwin believes it's best used selectively.

"Charcoal takes toxins out of the system so the body can get well," she says. "For gas, diarrhea, infections and poisonings-charcoal works."

Remember also, if you are on medications, Charcoal can neutralize many drugs and this could be a problem for those who are dependent on medications.

The Effect of Vitamin B on Nerves

Even though only minute quantities of B-vitamins are needed by the body, they form an essential part of the enzyme economy of the tissue cells.  Their absence or scarcity causes all cells of the body to suffer.  Effects can be seen in skin, digestive system, heart and blood systems, etc.  Perhaps in the nervous system the most troublesome and early signs are noted.  The following items point out the importance of abundance B-vitamins in storage in the body.

Three groups of chickens were fed diets as follows:  1) 100% whole wheat flour,  2) enriched white flour, and 3) un-enriched white flour.  The effect of the reduction in B-vitamins caused the third group of chicks to die in five days.  Those fed brown flour and enriched flour, both feathered out and gained weight in a normal fashion, the first group having only the barest. detectable difference in five days, the advantage being in favour of the brown flour group. Although the chicks in both groups were about the same weight and feathered about the same, the chicks fed the enriched white flour had a high-pitched, rapid chirp. They were untidy in their cage, stepping in the water, then in the flour, making “boots” for their feet.  The chicks were high-strung and nervous, often pecking each other, or jittering together in one corner of the cage if a slight noise frightened them.

We can conclude that plumpness and condition of skin, hair or a diet.  Cheerfulness, self-control, order, mental efficiency and productivity all count in this determination. Certain hyperactive children have become more calm and easier to control when foods poor in B-vitamins, food additives, and rich or irritating food have been removed from their diets.  Many adults report a similar calming effect of a simple diet.

It has been observed for years that individuals with blood sugar problems, either too high or too low were often difficult to work with and had wide mood swings.  In the metabolism of sugar in the body, B-vitamins are used up.  The periodic irritability and emotional instability seen in these persons are typical of B-vitamin deficiency.  As the blood sugar rises, whether from reactive hypoglycemia, diabetes or from eating largely of refined carbohydrates, B-vitamins are removed from body stores to care for the elevated blood sugar.  A B-vitamin deficiency results.

Pellagra, pernicious anemia, beri-beri, and all other diseases caused by a B-vitamin deficiency, have nervous or mental symptoms as a part of the disease complex.  Long before the full-blown disease there are neurological deficiencies that may be barely noticed, but cause more or less discomfort to the person and his associates. 

God loves you

"Nature and revelation alike testify of God's love. Our Father in heaven is the source of life, of wisdom, and of joy. Look at the wonderful and beautiful things of nature. Think of their marvelous adaptation to the needs and happiness, not only of man, but of all living creatures. The sunshine and the rain, that gladden and refresh the earth, the hills and seas and plains, all speak to us of the Creator's love. It is God who supplies the daily needs of all His creatures." In the beautiful words of the psalmist--

"The eyes of all wait upon Thee;
And Thou givest them their meat in due season.
Thou openest Thine hand,
And satisfiest the desire of every living thing."
Psalm 145:15, 16.  {SC 9.1}

"God made man perfectly holy and happy; and the fair earth, as it came from the Creator's hand, bore no blight of decay or shadow of the curse. It is transgression of God's law--the law of love--that has brought woe and death. Yet even amid the suffering that results from sin, God's love is revealed. It is written that God cursed the ground for man's sake. Genesis 3:17. The thorn and the thistle--the difficulties and trials that make his life one of toil and care--were appointed for his good as a part of the training needful in God's plan for his uplifting from the ruin and degradation that sin has wrought. The world, though fallen, is not all sorrow and misery. In nature itself are messages of hope and comfort. There are flowers upon the thistles, and the thorns are covered with roses."  {SC 9.2}

God is love
"God is love" is written upon every opening bud, upon every spire of springing grass. The lovely birds making the air vocal with their happy songs, the delicately tinted flowers in their perfection perfuming the air, the lofty trees of the forest with their rich foliage of living green -- all testify to the tender, fatherly care of our God and to His desire to make His children happy."  {SC 10.1}

"The word of God reveals His character. He Himself has declared His infinite love and pity. When Moses prayed, "Show me Thy glory," the Lord answered, "I will make all My goodness pass before thee." Exodus 33:18, 19. This is His glory. The Lord passed before Moses, and proclaimed, "The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin." Exodus 34:6, 7. He is "slow to anger, and of great kindness," "because He delighteth in mercy." Jonah 4:2; Micah 7:18.  {SC 10.2}

"God has bound our hearts to Him by unnumbered tokens in heaven and in earth. Through the things of nature, and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can know, He has sought to reveal Himself to us. Yet these but imperfectly represent His love. Though all these evidences have been given, the enemy of good blinded the minds of men, so that they looked upon God with fear; they thought of Him as severe and unforgiving. Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice,--one who is a severe judge, a harsh, exacting creditor. He pictured the Creator as a being who is watching with jealous eye to discern the errors and mistakes of men, that He may visit judgments upon them. It was to remove this dark shadow, by revealing to the world the infinite love of God, that Jesus came to live among men."  {SC 10.3}

"The Son of God came from heaven to make manifest the Father. "No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him." John 1:18. "Neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him." Matthew 11:27. When one of the disciples made the request, "Show us the Father," Jesus answered, "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known Me, Philip? He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?" John 14:8, 9.  {SC 11.1}

"In describing His earthly mission, Jesus said, The Lord "hath anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised." Luke 4:18. This was His work. He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by Satan. There were whole villages where there was not a moan of sickness in any house, for He had passed through them and healed all their sick. His work gave evidence of His divine anointing. Love, mercy, and compassion were revealed in every act of His life; His heart went out in tender sympathy to the children of men. He took man's nature, that He might reach man's wants. The poorest and humblest were not afraid to approach Him. Even little children were attracted to Him. They loved to climb upon His knees and gaze into the pensive face, benignant with love."  {SC 11.2}

God tells truth with love
"Jesus did not suppress one word of truth, but He uttered it always in love. He exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful, kind attention in His intercourse with the people. He was never rude, never needlessly spoke a severe word, never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul. He did not censure human weakness. He spoke the truth, but always in love. He denounced hypocrisy, unbelief, and iniquity; but tears were in His voice as He uttered His scathing rebukes. He wept over Jerusalem, the city He loved, which refused to receive Him, the way, the truth, and the life. They had rejected Him, the Saviour, but He regarded them with pitying tenderness. His life was one of self-denial and thoughtful care for others. Every soul was precious in His eyes. While He ever bore Himself with divine dignity, He bowed with the tenderest regard to every member of the family of God. In all men He saw fallen souls whom it was His mission to save."  {SC 12.1}

"Such is the character of Christ as revealed in His life. This is the character of God. It is from the Father's heart that the streams of divine compassion, manifest in Christ, flow out to the children of men. Jesus, the tender, pitying Saviour, was God "manifest in the flesh." 1 Timothy 3:16.  {SC 12.2}

God loves me
"It was to redeem us that Jesus lived and suffered and died. He became "a Man of Sorrows," that we might be made partakers of everlasting joy. God permitted His beloved Son, full of grace and truth, to come from a world of indescribable glory, to a world marred and blighted with sin, darkened with the shadow of death and the curse. He permitted Him to leave the bosom of His love, the adoration of the angels, to suffer shame, insult, humiliation, hatred, and death. "The chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed." Isaiah 53:5. Behold Him in the wilderness, in Gethsemane, upon the cross! The spotless Son of God took upon Himself the burden of sin. He who had been one with God, felt in His soul the awful separation that sin makes between God and man. This wrung from His lips the anguished cry, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" Matthew 27:46. It was the burden of sin, the sense of its terrible enormity, of its separation of the soul from God--it was this that broke the heart of the Son of God."  {SC 13.1}

The love of God
"But this great sacrifice was not made in order to create in the Father's heart a love for man, not to make Him willing to save. No, no! "God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son." John 3:16. The Father loves us, not because of the great propitiation, but He provided the propitiation because He loves us. Christ was the medium through which He could pour out His infinite love upon a fallen world. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself." 2 Corinthians 5:19. God suffered with His Son. In the agony of Gethsemane, the death of Calvary, the heart of Infinite Love paid the price of our redemption."  {SC 13.2}

 "Jesus said, "Therefore doth My Father love Me, because I lay down My life, that I might take it again." John 10:17. That is, "My Father has so loved you that He even loves Me more for giving My life to redeem you. In becoming your Substitute and Surety, by surrendering My life, by taking your liabilities, your transgressions, I am endeared to My Father; for by My sacrifice, God can be just, and yet the Justifier of him who believeth in Jesus."  {SC 14.1}

God is able
"None but the Son of God could accomplish our redemption; for only He who was in the bosom of the Father could declare Him. Only He who knew the height and depth of the love of God could make it manifest. Nothing less than the infinite sacrifice made by Christ in behalf of fallen man could express the Father's love to lost humanity."

God so love the world
"God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son." He gave Him not only to live among men, to bear their sins, and die their sacrifice. He gave Him to the fallen race. Christ was to identify Himself with the interests and needs of humanity. He who was one with God has linked Himself with the children of men by ties that are never to be broken. Jesus is "not ashamed to call them brethren" (Hebrews 2:11); He is our Sacrifice, our Advocate, our Brother, bearing our human form before the Father's throne, and through eternal ages one with the race He has redeemed--the Son of man. And all this that man might be uplifted from the ruin and degradation of sin that he might reflect the love of God and share the joy of holiness." {SC 14.3}

"The price paid for our redemption, the infinite sacrifice of our heavenly Father in giving His Son to die for us, should give us exalted conceptions of what we may become through Christ. As the inspired apostle John beheld the height, the depth, the breadth of the Father's love toward the perishing race, he was filled with adoration and reverence; and, failing to find suitable language in which to express the greatness and tenderness of this love, he called upon the world to behold it. "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God." 1 John 3:1. What a value this places upon man! Through transgression the sons of man become subjects of Satan. Through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ the sons of Adam may become the sons of God. By assuming human nature, Christ elevates humanity. Fallen men are placed where, through connection with Christ, they may indeed become worthy of the name "sons of God."  {SC 15.1}

God love is so wonderful
"Such love is without a parallel. Children of the heavenly King! Precious promise! Theme for the most profound meditation! The matchless love of God for a world that did not love Him! The thought has a subduing power upon the soul and brings the mind into captivity to the will of God. The more we study the divine character in the light of the cross, the more we see mercy, tenderness, and forgiveness blended with equity and justice, and the more clearly we discern innumerable evidences of a love that is infinite and a tender pity surpassing a mother's yearning sympathy for her wayward child."  {SC 15.2} 

How To Be Healthy? 5 Be Healthy Steps

1. how to be a healthy person?
"The transgression of physical law is the transgression of God's law. Our Creator is Jesus Christ. He is the author of our being. He has created the human structure. He is the author of the physical laws, as He is the author of the moral law. And the human being who is careless and reckless of the habits and practices that concern his physical life and health, sins against God."—Letter, May 19, 1897.

"God's law is written by His own finger upon every nerve, every muscle, every faculty which has been entrusted to man."—Letter, August 30, 1896.

"Health, strength, and happiness depend upon immutable laws; but these laws cannot be obeyed where there is no anxiety to become acquainted with them."—Healthful Living, 18.

"The Lord has made it a part of His plan that man's reaping shall be according to his sowing."—Letter, May 19, 1897.

"To make plain natural law, and urge the obedience of it, is the work that accompanies the third angel's message to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord."—3 Testimonies, 161 [CDF, 69].

2. How to be a healthy child?
"There are many ways of practicing the healing art, but there is only one way that Heaven approves.
God's remedies are the simple agencies of nature, that will not tax or debilitate the system through their powerful properties. Pure air and water, cleanliness, a proper diet, purity of life, and a firm trust in God are remedies for the want of which thousands are dying; yet these remedies are going out of date because their skilful use requires work that the people do not appreciate."—5 Testimonies, 443.

3. How to be a healthy human?
"It is the duty of every human being, for his own sake and for the sake of humanity, to inform himself or herself in regard to the laws of organic life, and conscientiously to obey them.. It is the duty of every person to become intelligent in regard to disease and its causes."—Letter, December 4, 1896.

"God has formed laws to govern every part of our constitutions, and these laws which He has placed in our being are divine, and for every transgression there is a fixed penalty, which sooner or later must be realized."—Healthful Living, 20.

"Our first duty, one which we owe to God, to ourselves, and to our fellow men, is to obey the laws of God, which include the laws of health."—3 Testimonies, 164.

"The laws governing the physical nature are as truly divine in their origin and character as the law of the Ten Commandments. Man is fearfully and wonderfully made; for Jehovah has inscribed His law by His own mighty hand on every part of the human body."—Letter, August 5, 1896.

"Have I not a right to do as I please with my own body?' —No, you have no moral right, because you are violating the laws of life and health which God has given you. You are the Lord's property,—His by creation and His by redemption. Every human being is under obligation to preserve the living machinery that is so fearfully and wonderfully made."—Letter, May 19, 1897.

4. How to obtain a healthy body?
"Our very bodies are not our own, to treat as we please, to cripple by habits that lead to decay, making it impossible to render to God perfect service. Our lives and all our faculties belong to Him. He is caring for us every moment; He keeps the living machinery in action. If we were left to run it for one moment, we should die. We are absolutely dependent upon God."—Letter, October 12, 1896.

"The health should be as sacredly guarded as the character."—Christian Temperance, 82.

"Proportionally as nature's laws are transgressed, mind and soul become enfeebled.. Physical suffering of every type is seen . . Suffering must follow this course of action. The vital force of the system cannot bear up under the tax placed upon it, and it finally breaks down."—Letter, August 30, 1896.

"Sickness is caused by violating the laws of health; it is the result of violating nature's laws."—3 Testimonies, 164.

5. How to be healthy and why should we be healthy?
"Health is a great treasure. It is the richest possession that mortals can have. Wealth, honor, or learning is dearly purchased, if it be at the loss of the vigor of health. None of these attainments can secure happiness if health is wanting."—Christian Education, 35.

"That time is well spent which is directed to the establishment and preservation of sound physical and mental health.. It is easy to lose health, but it is difficult to regain it."—Review, No. 39, 1884.

"Perfect health depends on perfect circulation."—2 Testimonies, 531.

"Many have inquired of me, `What course shall I take to best preserve my health?' My answer is, Cease to transgress the laws of your being; cease to gratify a depraved appetite, eat simple food, dress healthfully, which will require modest simplicity, work healthfully, and you will not be sick."—Counsels on Health, 37.

"An aimless life is a living death. The mind should dwell upon themes relating to our eternal interests.
This will be conducive to health of body and mind."—Review, No. 31, 1884.

"God has pledged Himself to keep this living machinery in healthful action, if the human agent will obey His laws and cooperate with God."—Letter, January 11, 1897.

"Let it ever be kept before the mind that the great object of hygienic reform is to secure the highest possible development of mind and soul and body."—Christian Temperance, 120.

"Nature will restore their vigor and strength in their sleeping hours, if her laws are not violated."—Solemn Appeal, 16.

"Close confinement indoors makes women pale and feeble, and results in premature death."—Healthful Living, 61.

"Indulging in eating too frequently, and in too large quantities, overtaxes the digestive organs, and produces a feverish state of the system. The blood becomes impure, and then diseases of various kinds occur."—Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 4, 133.

"The effects produced by living in close, ill-ventilated rooms are these: . . The mind becomes depressed and gloomy, while the whole system is enervated; and fevers and other acute diseases are liable to be generated . . The system is peculiarly sensitive to the influence of cold. A slight exposure produces serious diseases."—1 Testimonies, 702.

"What influence does overeating have upon the stomach? —It becomes debilitated, the digestive organs are weakened, and disease, with all its train of evils, is brought on as a result."—2 Testimonies, 364.

"The free use of sugar in any form tends to clog the system, and is not infrequently a cause of disease."—Counsels on Health, 154.

"The liability to take disease is increased tenfold by meat eating."—2 Testimonies, 64.

"Rich and complicated mixtures of food are health destroying. Highly seasoned meats and rich pastry are wearing out the digestive organs."—Letter, November 5, 1896.

"Drugging should be forever abandoned; for while it does not cure any malady, it enfeebles the system, making it more susceptible to disease."—5 Testimonies, 311.

"A neglect of cleanliness will induce disease."—How to Live, Chapter 4, 61.

"Rooms that are not exposed to light and air become damp.. Various diseases have been brought on by sleeping in these rooms."—How to Live, 243.

"Dwellings, if possible, should be built upon high and dry ground. If a house be built where water settles around it, remaining for a time and then drying away, a poisonous miasma arises, and fever and ague, sore throat, lung diseases, and fevers will be the result."—How to Live, 246.

"If the clothing worn is not often washed, it becomes filthy with impurities which are thrown off from the body by sensible and insensible perspiration.. The pores of the skin absorb again the waste matter thrown off."—How to Live, 242.

"When we do all we can on our part to have health, then may we expect that blessed results will follow, and we can ask God in faith to bless our efforts for the preservation of health."—How to Live, 246

In a clinical study at the link here, obese and slightly dyslipidemic pre-menopausal women were studied over a 120-day period in a double-blind placebo-controlled experiment. Does yacon organic syrup work? The Results... Daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body we!ght, waist circumference and body mass index. Additionally, decrease in fasting serum insulin and Homeostasis Model Assessment index was observed.

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