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The Future Of Cleaning Your Teeth

Cleaning your teeth is a vital ritual you need to take part in if you want to look after them and still have them at your disposal in the years to come, but will cleaning your teeth look a lot different in the future? At the moment the only way to know if there is something wrong with your teeth is if you suddenly experience tooth ache but this is an unreliable way of identifying oral problems; not to mention the fact that if you are experiencing tooth ache the problem is likely to already be a big deal.

Technology is always making things easier for us and making our lives more interactive and this is no different in the world of oral hygiene. The act of brushing your teeth is evolving and this could see a decrease in tooth problems in the future and a smarter tooth brushing experience all round. So how could your smilecare change in the years to come?

Smart Toothbrush –
The Smart Toothbrush has been bandied around by inventors for a few years now but could realistically be a viable way of looking after our teeth in the future. This toothbrush and mirror combo would redefine your relationship with your dentist. Not only will it be able to scan your teeth regularly and alert you of any problems it might have encountered; it will also enable you to book an appointment with your dentist via the touch screen mirror device.
The display on the mirror will be able to give you in depth information about the tooth problems you may be experiencing and will connect directly to your dentist in order to make an appointment if you wish. If this does become the norm, there will be no more lying to your dentist and saying you have brushed twice a day when you haven’t; he’ll be watching you.

The Tooth Chip –
The tooth chip would work in a similar way to the Smart Toothbrush except it will be attached to your tooth and not in a brush. The chip will be able to monitor your brushing routine and alert your dentist should there be any problems. However this device doesn’t make the appointment for you, it just prompts the dentist to call you and arrange it.
These chips are hopefully going to be inexpensive enough so that they can be bought in bulk and used on a daily basis; much like floss. I’m guessing if you swallow it though it won’t be able to monitor your teeth from your stomach.

Stem Cell Teeth –
As science moves on and we discover more about the human body; it is perfectly viable that dentists of the future could be able to regrow teeth that have fallen out or that have had to be taken out due to decay. Scientists have discovered that by taking stem cells from the patient’s own mouth and combining them with cells from mice they can facilitate the growth of new teeth. This could be a big advancement in the future as it would no longer be such an ordeal should you lose a tooth.

Like a lot of people, Chris Mayhew is not the biggest fan of the dentist but knows it's an important ritual we all must go through. He is working for Smilecare who are a private dentist in Plymouth and who provide teeth whitening, dental implants and many other treatments.

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