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Benefits of Lemon - Lemon Health Benefits

The lemon is a wonderful source of vitamins and healing properties.
Here are some ways to use it:

SEASONING – Great on greens and salads – use instead of Vinegar (which can harm the liver)

COUGHS & COLDS – Make hot lemonade with fresh lemon juice and a bit of honey (never use sugar as it feeds germs) add a pinch of fresh ginger.  Take 1 cup each hour or two.  Regular use of lemon juice will prevent colds.  Good for asthma also.

SKIN BLEMISHES – apply pure fresh lemon juice to problem 2-3 times daily.

SORE THROAT – Gargle with lemon with a bit of salt in hot water, every hour or two until relieved.

SORE GUMS – rinse mouth with lemon and water and brush teeth with pure lemon juice and a bit of salt.

CONSTIPATION OR SLUGGISHNESS – drink pint of warm water with juice of ½  to 1 lemon upon arising.

FEVER – Drink weak lemonade with honey 1-2 glasses per hour until relieved.

HANGOVER OR HEADACHE – Strong unsweetened, lemonade with fresh lemon – 1-2 glasses per hour until relived.

FATIGUE – Strong lemonade as above or just ‘suck a lemon’.

STOP SMOKING – Lemon juice takes the craving away for a smoke.  Suck a lemon or squirt some juice into the mouth.

Dieters can use a glass of water with lemon juice to satisfy cravings.

Whatever ails you, you can’t go wrong with using a big glass of water with a lemon squeezed into it several times daily!

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