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Effects of Coffee – Coffee Side Effects are Dangerous

Here are the side effects of coffee:
■Fibrocystic breast disease
■Central nervous system stimulant (may have a reverse effect on children)
■Increase in blood pressure (1/3 in US)
■Benign rhythm disturbance (atrial and ventricular)
■Increase in gastric acids and pepsin
■Could cause damage to unborn child (DNA damage, low birth weight, large and pale placenta)

Coffee side effects continued
■Reduces fertility
■Increases mental speed, but impairs motor coordination
■Increases short term memory temporarily, but reduces long term memory storage
■Increases blood coagulation
■Raises blood sugar, aggravates hypoglycemia

More side effects of coffee
■Raises LDL cholesterol
■Increases levels of blood lipids
■Disturbs Rapid Eye Movement sleep
■Increases risk of hip fractures by promoting osteoporosis
■Increases risk of heart burn (GERD), aspiration of stomach contents
■Increases chronic cough
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