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How To Make Avocado Pasta - Vegan Recipes

Hi and welcome.

Right now we are going to learn how to make an avocado pasta.

For the pasta i will be using some Kamut penne, which is a grain much like wheat. We must must have some water boiling with a pinch of salt in it.

After we have the salted to our boiling water, we are going to leave it and move on to what were going to use to dress this pasta. We are now going to the exciting part of it now.

Lemon is very good and in the summer i really like to use them, so i will always get a big one, but i will make sure that it is organic, because i will be zesting it and we should know that the chemicals always stick to skin of a non organic lemon. Make sense right?

When they are spraying pesticides it is going to hit the skin, so if we are peeling the skin off of the lemons, we will be getting that chemical in it too and i really just do not think that we should bring ourselves to buy the non organic stuffs.

So get the zest off and going to use all of these and then what I do is cut the lemon in half then I get my little strainer, put it over the bowl and... Watch the full video tutorial below.

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