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Lifestyle is The Key for a Healthier and Happier Life

How long we live and how healthy we are both depends on what we eat, how much exercise we get, the poisons we take into our bodies, our frame of mind, and the one we cannot change, our genes. We cannot change the genes we inherit from our parents, nut, contrary to popular opinion, apart from certain rare inherited diseases, lifestyle is more important than genetic inheritance. We cannot change our past history either, but we can do plenty of things to help undo the effects of our past mistakes. Our bodies are so well designed that they have inbuilt corrective and learning properties, and, as soon as conditions are put right, healing begins. This true of smoking, alcohol, faulty diet and lack of exercise, to name a few. A healthy lifestyle can at best prevent or at least postpone degenerative disease. As doctors of who have wide experience of lifestyle medicine say: Genes load the gun: lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Lifestyle includes what we take into our bodies and how we use them. What we take into our bodies includes what we eat and drink and smoke, and all drugs, whether medicinal or recreational, and even the air we breathe. How we use our bodies involves all our physical activities, including how we exercise and rest.

Lifestyle includes what we take into our minds and how we use them. Diseases can be caused by any number of factors including environment, genetics, and general lifestyle. In a nutshell, choose healthy food and drink. Take healthy exercise. Avoid poisons, cultivate cheerful, thankful frame of mind.

By Michael Adarkwah Agyemang

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