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Rosemary The Memory Helper

Are you having memory problem? Well, memory problem is not a good thing at all and i really hate it, because it causes a lot of problems at times, serious it does. For example: someone had done something to you in the past and when you go to that person and say "Hi Kim, do you remember when you punched me in my eye for a dumpling?", Kim might reply "What?! do not tell any lie at me at all, why would i have punched you for a dumpling?" Then you might reply; Oo what? "Kim, are you saying that you do not remember punching me for a dumpling?" Kim might reply again "No and i would not do not." You might reply "Kim, you are a blatant liar and i can see the lies written all over your face!"... And on and on it goes, but thanks to Rosemary, the wonderful memory helper which God had made for us to help us with our memories.

Rosemary The Memory Helper Information is provided in the video below, so please watch and share. Thanks.

Please Click the Play Button to Watch The Video.

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