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What Are The Health Benefits Of Apples?

Here are some health benefits of apples:

■ Apples contain pectin – insoluble fiber, that acts as an intestinal “broom” - helping to eliminate toxins

■ Apples correct diarrhea and constipation

■ Apples prevent oxidation of LDL- cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis

■ Apples lower blood pressure (low sodium, high potassium)

■ Apples is effective in reducing cholesterol levels

■ Apples are one of the best standby storage fruits that you canfind.

■ Apples are excellent for cleaning out your mouth at the close of a meal. They remove odor-causing bacteria from the mouth.

■ Apples have a lot of fiber which will help keep blood sugar stabilized.

■ Apples have the ability to slow tumor growth in some way.

Potassium foods include apples help the body resist and overcome tumors, cysts, and malignancies. If people regularly ate the seeds when they eat apples, they would get enough laetrile. Starting to do this earlier, will help prevent cancer from forming later on.

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