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What Are Some Health Benefits Of Bananas?

Here Are Some Health Benefits Of Bananas:

■Bananas help prevent coronary artery disease

■Bananas help lower cholesterol

■Bananas can help to prevent intestinal disorders

■It also fight against Uric acid, arthritis and gout

■Bananas are known for their B vitamin

■Potassium: Bananas are high in potassium. Bananas help the body's circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain, helping maintain regular heartbeat and proper water balance.

■Contain magnesium and fiber

■Ripe bananas are tolerated well, and help control the diarrhea.

■Energy booster: Bananas are good energy booster, because it supply proper carbohydrates necessary to replace the muscle glycogen (muscle sugar) used.

■Constipation: Bananas are high in fiber which helps to prevent constipation and restore normal bowel function.

■Brain Power: Potassium-packed fruit helps learning because it makes the pupils more alert. Students find themselves with more brain power and think faster when they eat bananas.

 Dr. Willie Talking about Bananas' Health Benefits

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