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SDA - (Catholic Pastors In Our Conferences) - Seventh Day Adventist

Catholics are in our Churches, Conference and Schools. They are taking over and they are changing the fundamental teachings of Adventism; they event want us to throw away Ellen G. White writings, which was inspired by God Himself. Watch out for them, because they are not Adventists, they are wolves in sheep clothing trying to devour us.

This is very bad and all these are happening to us because we have chosen to depart from the truth faith of adventism.

The heart shocking and troubling information is provided in the video below, so please watch and share it with many people as you can. Thanks.

Click the Play Button to Watch the Video.

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  1. SDA should be vary careful,look at the way he is talking.we sholud open our eyes.GOD HELP US

  2. Am now even confused. God help us and make our leaders strong. I watch Isambulo TV quite often some of their music are so controversial real. Maybe Catholic system is already inside

  3. thats what ive been reminding too, the sheep of evil. Not all good things r true


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