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Seventh-Day Adventist Church Facing Legal And Financial Collapse

There are some serious things that are now taking place in Adventism, but some of the members are acting as if everything is alright. You see, God is judging His people, because like of old, when Jerusalem had rejected the Messiah, so are the majority of Adventism today; we are conforming to the world, we are watering down the word of God, we do not want to hear the cutting truths any more and as a result of that, judgement is being pronounced upon us. May God help us and have mercy upon us and help us to repent before it is late!

The shocking information is provided in the video below, so please watch and share it with as many people as you can. Thanks.

Click the Play Button to Watch the Video.

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  1. Finally! Someone is saying what I have believed for years about our church. Slowly our corporate starts is moving away from truth and closer to tradition. Now I understated why.

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  3. there is nothing shocking about this...
    This is a thought of a man who is worried about what going to happen if the Church does not act...

    you preach about faith, right?...then have some faith on our appointed leaders...

  4. Yes i am totally agreed with this article and i just want say that this article is very nice and legal notes very informative article.I will make sure to be reading your blog more. You made a good point but I can't help but wonder, what about the other side? !!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!


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