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12 Tips How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast

These are some very important healthy weight-loss tips for those of us who want to lose weight fast, but we must put out some effort to accomplish our goal. Everything we do in life require our effort, so if we are lazy, we are going to find ourselves in serious trouble.

First Notice: It is better to eat two or three meals a day, because our stomach needs to be rested for at-least 5 hours between each meals and this helps to prevent stomach cancer, ulcer, acid reflux and other stomach problem and therefore leave us with a healthy stomach.

Second Notice: All whole wheat grains and cereals are healthy for us and they help with digestion and enhance bowel movements. 

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  1. choose high fiber snacks? thats rediculous!!!.Plan to eat at regular mealtimes
    Principle no. 1 –eat only at regular mealtimes- no snacks
    Snack foods are usually not the most nutritious foods. Even if they were, many physiological problems are caused by eating at any time of the day or night. 1999 Ministers’ Training on Health p. 94
    Eating Between Meals
    After the regular meal is eaten, the stomach should be allowed to rest for five hours. Not a particle of food should be introduced into the stomach till the next meal. In this interval the stomach will perform its work, and will then be in a condition to receive more food.
    Counsels on Diet and Foods 179
    (Manuscript 1, 1876 )


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